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Add a site to the crawler database

Upload any site you like and as many as you like. Just make sure they follow the below rules!

  • NO underage or child pornography! Any such material found will be banned for life from our index, and we will cooperate with law enforcement officials!
    • Adult image galleries only.
    • Minimum of 6 images available in each gallery.
    • You don't have to add each gallery page individually, you may simply add the main URL and ensure there's links to all your galleries - we'll find them all. If you only want us to crawl a specific gallery, you can add that URL directly. It's up to you.
    • Don't add non-adult image galleries. They won't be included (and do you really want them appearing on an adult image gallery search engine?).
    • Don't create gallery sites just to get included in our database, then change the site or similar. We re-crawl sites constantly, it will be found, it will be removed, and you will be banned.
    • Copyrighted (stolen) material is forbidden!
    • We cannot guarantee when your site will be crawled. It usually occurs within 72 hours. It may happen sooner, it may take much longer. Just be patient and don't email us asking when it will be included, our little spider is a very busy critter. It will happen automatically if we find content deemed worthy of inclusion. Likewise, after we've crawled your site, it could take from hours to weeks (or more) before you're actually included in our index.
    • Don't add your gallery just to get our spider to visit and 'click' on your ads. It won't work, don't waste your time.

    URL (to gallery or the top level site if galleries are linked to from there):
    eg. or